After a couple of months of thinking about it, I ended up turning a hobby of mine into a part time business. Plus I really hate to see small businesses and friends of mine lose out on not having a web site of some sort. If you are around 30 or younger, chances are that you rely on the Internet more than any other source of information. This makes the web site the most important form of communication and advertising. Even I end up double-checking my telephone directory listings on the Internet to see what kind of web site a business may have. Their web site ends up telling me more about their business than any other form of advertisement.

WebKeyDesign’s goals are simple. We want to help people communicate on the Internet by helping them publish their own site and help them maintain it, all for a reasonable price. The most important thing to remember is that what matters about a web site is the content; what you say, the message is what matters! The technical stuff, well, leave that to us.

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