For WordPress 1.5, I had done some changes to Jeff Minard’s Shortstat plugin and since I recently installed WordPress 2.0 on my personal site, and since Shortstat 1.3 still works for WordPress 2.0, I figured I would go ahead and redo the color scheme and make it fit in more with WordPress 2.0’s new backend colors.

For more detail on the original changes see my original posting of a Custom Shortstat Plugin.

WordPress ShortStat Plugin in Blue

If you like the blue scheme you can download the plugin with the complete changes here:


Or if you like the color scheme and want to disable the IP lookup feature as well, download the complete changes here:

You can copy and paste the code into the Plugin Editor or rename the file to wp-shortstat.php and upload it to your server.

Since WP-Shortstat stopped working on WordPress 2.0.1, these custom versions are now based on HappyArt Blog’s modified wp-shortstat. My CSS changes were added by HappyArt Blog to his version, so wpshortstat.blue2 is the same as his plugin. For the lastest version go HappyArt Blog.