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For WordPress 1.5, I had done some changes to Jeff Minard’s Shortstat plugin and since I recently installed WordPress 2.0 on my personal site, and since Shortstat 1.3 still works for WordPress 2.0, I figured I would go ahead and redo the color scheme and make it fit in more with WordPress 2.0’s new backend colors.

For more detail on the original changes see my original posting of a Custom Shortstat Plugin.

WordPress ShortStat Plugin in Blue

If you like the blue scheme you can download the plugin with the complete changes here:


Or if you like the color scheme and want to disable the IP lookup feature as well, download the complete changes here:


You can copy and paste the code into the Plugin Editor or rename the file to wp-shortstat.php and upload it to your server.

Since WP-Shortstat stopped working on WordPress 2.0.1, these custom versions are now based on HappyArt Blog’s modified wp-shortstat. My CSS changes were added by HappyArt Blog to his version, so wpshortstat.blue2 is the same as his plugin. For the lastest version go HappyArt Blog.

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    I tried installing and activating your Blue2 version of WP-ShortStat on my 2.0 dev blog, but it did not work. On the ShortStat page, all I’ve got is 1 box which has this error:
    Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/wpshortstat_blue2.php on line 771

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    I also got an error trying to install your version on WP 2.0

    Fatal error: Non-static method wp_shortstat::maybe_create_table() cannot be called statically in /wp-content/plugins/wp-shortstat.php on line 83

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    Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in /var/www/wp-content/plugins/wpshortstat_blue2.php on line 771

    -> replace in line 771:


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    Thanks for the tip tooltonic, that fixes it for me. ­čÖé

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    I have been using my own modified version of wp-shortstat. I just updated to WP2 yesterday, and it stopped logging. The stats displayed fine, but it just stopped logging new visits. It recreated the tables after I dropped them. I went back to the original program, and it didn’t log stats either. I tried your program, and got the same thing.

    Any ideas? Did something chnage in WP2 that affected the tracking hook?

    I was thinking of adding a logging mechanism to log whether track function even gets hit at all.

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    The 2.0.1 Update to WordPress killed it for me as well. On 2.0 it was working fine. I think everyone is having the same problem who upgraded this week to the new update.

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    I am glad it is not just me. I am assuming a bug in 2.0.1? Mabye they goofed up the shutdown hook?

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    I will try new version when I get home. I tried deactivating the sitemap plugin. No logging. So I deactivated all the plugins except shortstat, still doesn’t seem to be logging. Maybe there is more to it than the sitemap conflict, and new version fixed it.

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    I went ahead and changed the modified versions here over to HappyArt Blog’s version.

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    The only thing that needed to be chnaged was commenting out the is_admin_page() check:

    // test is not correct, because sitemap plugin loads admin fucntions for standard pages, too
    // || is_admin_page()

    I did that on mine, now it works. Thanks for the help WKD!

  11. […] The plugin is├é┬áby Jeff Minard and based work by Shaun Inman. When I noticed the plugin wasn’t working I Googled it. I found a fix at├é┬áHappy Arts Blog but had a problem├é┬ádownloading the zip file. So checked Google again and found a copy at WebKeyDesign that included the fix and modified the CSS to match the style of the WordPress 2.0.1 admin panel. It worked immediately and looked great too. […]

  12. […] Update: There is a similar fix for wp-shortstat @ WebKeyDesign with a blue color scheme to fit in WordPress 2.0’s admin page. Markus K├â┬Ąmmerer from HappyArts has apparently updated his version with the new color scheme from WebKeyDesign so there’s really not much difference between the 2. […]

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    Does anyone know the name of the wordpress plugin that creates a list of your posts in a category instead of just displaying them one after the other? I want it so that when someone clicks on a category they just get a list of posts from that category.

    I'm sure Ive seen one…and sifting through the WP site is a nightmare

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