Over the weekend, I set out to buy a new domain name for a project that I thought about doing last year. By this time I should have written up the content, but I of course put it off, and so I figured I would buy the domain and that would force me to write up content and work on the new site. By now, buying any two word domain with the .com tld is nearly impossible, so you really have to look through the deleted domains and hope you can catch a unique domain name that someone let expire. I ended up having to choose between a new three word combination domain and an expired two word domain that seemed perfect for what the new site will be talking about. The three word domain sounded great, but the two word domain fit better with what search engines would look for, so I ended up choosing the expired domain.

Domains For Sale

I did find a lot of domain names that were taken and which were for sale by their owners, but most of these domains had scrapper content and did not really have any initial value. Not willing to pay for a domain with a pagerank of 2 or less and having to deal with the mess of transfering ownership, I headed for WhoIs.net and started searching through their deleted domains section. Luckily for me, I did find a domain of value in there and all I had to do was go to my own domain registrar and add that domain name to my account. At the end of the day I had a new domain name that costs me my regular price! Before you consider purchasing a domain name from someone, look through the deleted domain lists. All though some registrars have services that help you do this, or have auctions for domain names, looking through WhoIS.net’s free search tool may end up being better and cost you nothing more than the price of a new domain name.

Buyer Beware

Hopefully my new domain will rank well in the next search engine updates and I will have a successful site in a few weeks. However not all deleted domains or current domains are bargains. If you never bought a domain name before, read Choosing Your Domain Name and consider reading through some of the articles on SitePoint.com. If you still have questions, contact us, and we will try to help you.

My new project is MovieComment.com, which is going to be a new blog site for all kinds of movie reviews.