WP-Shortstat Broken With WordPress 2.0.1

My new website MovieComment.com was setup with WordPress 2.0, and so when the 2.0.1 release showed up, I went ahead and upgraded it. Thinking everything went okay, I forgot to check all the plugins, and it appears that WP-Shortstat 1.3 and WordPress 2, no longer work after installing the 2.0.1 update. No new hits are tracked anymore, but you can still view whatever stats you had prior to the upgrade.

The reason is that there is a conflict with the Google Sitemap plugin. HappyArts Blog though has modified WP-Shortstat to work around the problem, and it appears to be working for me now.

HappyArts Blog is a German blog, so you might want to have Google translate HappyArts Blog for you.

Update: HappyArts Blog has incorporated my CSS changes into his version of WP-Shortat. There is also a download page in English.

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