It is possible to setup dynamic DNS with your router. DD-WRT, a free Linux-based firmware for several wireless routers, offers multiple dynamic DNS setups. In this example I have chosen to use DD-WRT with the free dynamic DNS service EveryDNS. Although DD-WRT does not specifically list EveryDNS as an option under the Setup – DDNS section, you can easily add it in the following manner:


  1. Login into the DD-WRT control panel for your router and choose Setup – DDNS.
  2. Fill in the following values:
    • DDNS Service = Custom
    • DYNDNS Server =
    • User name = your username
    • Password = password for you account
    • Host Name = your domain name
    • URL = /index.php?ver=0.1&domain=your_domain_name
  3. Save and Apply your settings.

If you are not using EveryDNS, you can find instructions for other dynamic DNS providers on the DD-WRT Wiki.