One of the major problems with the Digital Lifestyle, that Steve Jobs ushered in with such software suites as iLife and the iPod, is that you have to constantly synch between different applications and hardware. Most people end up giving up on a synched lifestyle. One of my major peeves is with Safari, and the lack of an Export option for bookmarks. This is no longer such a big problem, as Mac OS X 10.4 includes an export option for Safari finally, but in case you are using Safari on 10.3, you might consider Ellipsos Productions’s free Safari Bookmark Exporter. This handy little utility allows you to export your Safari bookmarks to any of these support browsers:

  • Firefox
  • Camino
  • OmniWeb
  • Mozilla
  • Internet Explorer
  • iCab
  • Opera
  • Simple HTML
  • XBEL

I use Safari Bookmark Explorer to synch up Firefox to my Safari bookmarks on both my Macintosh and PC workstations. Just arrange Safari’s bookmarks the way you want them and when you are done run SBE and it will even save your bookmarks to the correct directory for the browser you specify. To synch up to a different machine, you have to copy the file it creates and manually overwrite your other bookmarks.html file on your other computer.