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Caching Apache Forward Proxy

Apache FoundationIn my never ending quest to get more use of my computer equipment, I embarked on a new project last month. The problem, namely internet bandwidth. The home network just seems to be growing and growing with no end in sight. Between gaming systems and media servers, bandwidth is a big problem for most home networks. In my case, I already have a nice Windows Home Server 2011 box that is really not doing much, so I started thinking about what other uses this computer can do for the home network and a caching proxy made absolute sense.

Apache on Windows?

When most of us think Apache Web Server, we think Linux, but in reality Apache runs on Windows as well. The best resource out there for running Apache on Windows is the ApacheLounge; here you can find customized builds and forums with helpful information. For this scenario, I wanted a 64-bit version of Apache for Windows. This posed a problem, since Apache does not build a 64-bit version for Windows and the ApacheLounge did not have either. At this point you would need to compile it, or download an unofficial build from Since the goal is a caching proxy, I do not need to worry about 64-bit PHP or MySQL; those components are a non factor. At the time of this writing, I installed Apache 2.2.19 64-bit. I won’t detail the actual Apache installation since this is covered very well on other websites. Read more …

Apache 2.2 on Windows Session Cache Error

Apache IconThere appears to be a bug with Apache 2.2.13 which I ran into on Windows Server. See the following bug entry: Bug 23403. Opening the error.log for Apache showed the following warning:

warn Init: Session Cache is not configured (hint: SSLSessionCache)

Adding the following lines to the httpd.conf fixed the problem:

SSLSessionCache "shmcb:c:/Apache/logs/ssl_scache(512000)"
SSLSessionCacheTimeout 300

Note: your Apache installation directory is probably different, so you will want to modify the above file path.

PHP Extension php_exif

If you are running Apache 2.2.4 on Windows Server and try to load php_exif.dll in your php.ini file, this can cause Apache to not restart. The fix is pretty simple. You have to load php_mbstring.dll before php_exif.dll. For some reason, the default php.ini has exif listed before mbstring, which results in killing Apache on Windows.

My working set of extensions that I uncomment are:

  • extension=php_mbstring.dll
  • extension=php_exif.dll
  • extension=php_gd2.dll
  • extension=php_gettext.dll
  • extension=php_mcrypt.dll
  • extension=php_mysql.dll
  • extension=php_tidy.dll

This works for me on Windows Apache 2.2.4 and PHP 5.2.3.