Blog Directories:

  • SynBlog: a blog directory with blog reviews.
  • real-time list of updated blogs, a good site to see how popular blogging really is.
  • tracks the latest in the blogging world via tags that help categorize everything in the blogging world into separate categories based on content.
  • Blog Directory: is a listing of Blogs from all around the World. The Blogs listed in Blog Catalog range from Political Blogs to Sport Blogs.
  • Blogarama: is a general listing of blogs.
  • Weblog Directory: Directory of blogs from all around the world.

Link Directories:

  • is a comprehensive web directory helping all the webmasters find the best websites.
  • Find expert freelance web designers and programmers at the prices you want to pay. Post your projects and freelancers will place bids. You choose the price you want to pay.
  • Directory Delux: is a web directory of quality family-friendly and spam-free sites, that offers free submission.
  • Directory Force: is an online web directory consisting of all kind of quality links. All links are reviewed by their editors for no fee!
  • Elegant Directory: Searchable directory of family-friendly and spam-free websites organized by subject. Offering free and paid submissions.
  • a searchable, Human-Edited web directory.
  • a nicely designed directory.
  • ZoomSearch Directory – providing you with fast and accurate search results from our comprehensive directory.

Search Tools:

  • Yahoo’s Mindset: an experimental intent-based searching tool, that allows you to filter search results based on a slider control.
  • Mozdex Internet Search Engine: is a new search engine site.
  • Yahoo vs Google Tool: this is an interesting tool, which uses Flash to draw a comparison of how both search engines compare for a particular search term.

Web Site Analysis:

  • Site Timer: this javascript looks at how long it takes for different connected users to download your site. See how long a 56k Modem would take versus a broadband connection.

Color Tools:

  • Cloford: a collection of nice color reference charts.


  • DNSReport: checks your domain name for DNS issues.
  • Configuring DNS Zone Files: this is a really good article to read if you are trying to learn more about DNS configuration through cPanel.

More Information On…

  • Meta Tags: This is a great summary of the various meta tags are and what they do.

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