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Papa John’s Pizza

I have been meaning to start blogging about some web sites that I find appealing for some reason or another, and so without any particular deep thought, my first Site Note is about the one site that I go to when I’m really feeling lazy and need to order some food.

I am talking about PapaJohns.com, which is the only pizza web site that lets me order online in my area and which actually delivers the pizza too! I have tried other sites from other competitors but they never get the orders, and I end up calling the order in, or like Pizza Hut, they actually do not have online ordering in my area.

Perhaps the best features about PapaJohns, besides the online pizza ordering is that the site is responsive, simple, and although you have to login to order anything, retrieving your password is very easy to do. Competitors should learn from PapaJohn’s site, because ease of use is the number one reason I end up ordering from their site, even when Pizza Hut and a couple of other competitors are actually closer to my house. The only complaint is that the website does not take any of the local coupon codes that I get in the mail.

If you must know, I do not work for PapaJohns Pizza or any of its competitors. I just enjoy ordering an occasional pizza with chicken strips (highly recommend the Hot Buffalo Sauce and Honey Mustard Dip), and hope that they will bring back the Spicey Meatball Pizza.

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