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Big Daddy PageRank Update

If you have not checked your Google PageRank yet, you might want to take a look and see if it has changed at all for you. You can use Web Site Metrics Tool to check your pagerank across multiple data centers.

Our current pagerank is between 4 and 5 depending on the data center.

There is also this Big Daddy Dance Tool, that checks just those specific data centers.

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WebKeyDesign Store

This week I added a new section to WebKeyDesign: The WebKeyDesign Store is an online shop for all those books that you need to read when you first start learning web site design. I figure that the store would help make WebKeyDesign more popular in general with our site visitors and search engines, and secondly it comes in handy for refering friends and clients to yet another source of self-help. Many times I get asked about how to learn HTML and other web technologies like PHP and MySQL, and usually I can recommend a book or two on the subject, but I always end up having to look up my recommendations on Amazon.com, so I figure why not just make an Amazon based web store? This week, I got around to putting something together that works.

The WebKeyDesign Store is powered by Associate-o-matic’s Amazon Shop script. This is a PHP based script. Most of the other Amazon scripts that I found were based on Perl, but I chose Associate-o-matic based on their Lite script which is commissioned based. Most scripts cost around $99, and their look leaves a lot to be desired. Although I did find BlueLightSoft’s AJAX based Store scipt interesting, I decided against it because it is still in testing stages.

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WebDeveloper Toolbars II

Last month I wrote about how useful I found the Firefox Extention Web Developer, and how even Microsoft had gotten into the act with their own IE Web Developer toolbar, which was still in beta (and which was just updated on 10/31/2005). This time around I’ll point out that Apple’s Safari and Opera have web developer tools of their own.

Opera 8-9:

Web Developer Toolbar & Menu are based loosely on Chris Perderick’s Web Developer Toolbar for Firefox, and adds more features and references. You must install both the Web Developer Toolbar and Web Developer Menu. There is also a Micro Web Developer Toolbar with less features.


In Safari’s case, I can’t find an actual toolbar, but Safari WebAdditions is a plugin which adds a menu. Safari WebAdditions enables disabling (hiding) images, showing table structure, blocking level elements (divs, paragraphs, forms), displaying diverse image properties (size, path) and links. Les Nie has made separate versions for Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4. You can download Safari WebAdditions from Les Nie’s Download Page.

Part 1 of Web Developer Toolbars covered Firefox and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.

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