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WebMail URL Redirect

One of the perks of having your own domain name is that you can setup your own email addresses for your domain. While cPanel makes it easy to manage email accounts and have access to webmail applications like Horde, it does not automatically give you a nice simple url for accessing your preferred webmail application. However, with a few extra steps you can fix this.

Step 1: Your WebMail URL

First find out what the login url is to your preferred webmail application. cPanel’s default mail path is http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail. Your web host probably provided you with the default mail url. Once you login, cPanel gives you a variety of options, usually Horde is one of your webmail options. For example the direct url for Horde is usually something like:


Once you determined the webmail url you need to login into cPanel and setup a subdomain.

Step 2: Add The Subdomain

In cPanel find the Subdomains icon and select it. If you do not see a Subdomains option, then your web host does not offer this feature for your account. You may need to have the web host complete this procedure for you or upgrade your account.

In Subdomains, you will want to Add, a webmail subdomain, so that your subdomain will be webmail.domain.com. Do not add the subdomain as mail as this is most likely already being used by your web host for other reasons.

Step 3: Setup Redirection

The last step is to choose Setup Redirection for the subdomain you just added. You want to redirect the subdomain you just added to the direct url for your webmail. For example:

webmail.domain.com should redirect to https://www.domain.com:2096/horde/login.php

Note that it is best to take advantage of SSL and redirect to the https url instead of the regular http url. This provides an encrypted connection. Although most browsers will display a security warning stating that the SSL certificate does not match the domain name, the connection is still encrypted and therefore secure.

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The Spam War

By far the biggest problem with using the Internet is the massive amounts of spam that is clogging up the works. The most common is the spam you get in your email inbox, but increasingly there are tons of junk sites with nothing but useless content. If you run a forum or blog, you have to constantly monitor things due to the comment spam entries you get daily. Of late, I decided to start fighting back. Though I am not sure how effective the FTC is these days, I started to forward any and all spam emails I get to any of my email addresses.

If you get spam email that you think is deceptive, forward it to spam@uce.gov. The FTC uses the spam stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive email.

I found out that Mac OS X has a really handy feature, unique to the 10.4 release. Regardless of the program, if you hold the pointer over a URL link, the operating system shows you a tooltip window with the actual URL that the link is redirecting too. I am not sure this would work for shorturl redirection urls, but it does help quite a bit with many phishing emails.

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Switching Firefox Software Update

If you are using Firefox nightly releases and the Software Update feature no longer downloads the latest nightly, you might want to read about Update Channels. Apparantly Software Update has multiple update urls you can use, referred to as update channels. There’s even a handy Update Channel Changer Extension that you can install to make the process of switching urls easier.

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