WebKeyDesign Web Hosting Information

FAQ, hints, and further information about our hosting services.

For more information and other questions not covered here, please visit our WebKeyDesign Forum.

Pre-Sales Questions:

1. Do you offer custom hosting packages?

Yes. We can accomodate most needs within the range of the hosting packages we offer. Please contact us with your personal requirements.

2. How long does it take to setup an account?

Usually within 24 to 48 hours. PayPal orders are checked twice a day on weekdays, once early in the morning and then again after 5 pm. It is best to email us ahead of time, if you want your account active by a specific date.

3. Do you offer free hosting?

No. Not at this time.

4. I am not sure about which hosting package to choose or how I will set up my site exactly... I need help?

We recommend the Basic 150MB package for starting a new site. Please contact us if you have further requirements or questions.

5. Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

We offer a 14-day trial. If you are not satisfied with the service, we will close your account and refund your money.

6. What are your terms of service? What can't I do with my account?

Please read both our Acceptable Use Policy and our Service Agreement for exact details. In general we do not allow illegal activity of any kind, such as spamming and piracy.

7. What type of Support options do you offer?

Our customers can email us to request assistance or to report a problem with hosting. Additionally we do offer technical services for non-hosting related issues for a small fee. There is also a Support Forum.

8. I would like to transfer or purchase a domain name without hosting, how can I do this?

At this time we do not have an online form for this, but we can provide domain registrations. Please email us with the details of your request.

Technical Questions:

1. Do you offer SSH (SecureShell) access?

We are sorry but we do not offer this feature due to security risks. If you require something unique we can try to accomodate your needs as much as possible.

2. What are your nameservers?


3. What FTP clients do you recommend?

In general you can use any ftp client you like, but some of our personal favorites are SmartFTP on Windows, CyberDuck on Mac OS X. You can also try out FileZilla.

Other Information & Tutorials:

cPanel: check out our weblog cPanel section or download this Unofficial cPanel Guide.

System Paths: some common paths for libraries and software are stated below:

  • ImageMagick: /usr/local/bin
  • NetPBM: /usr/local/netpbm
  • Perl: /usr/bin/perl
  • Curl: /usr/bin/curl
  • PHP: /usr/bin/php

Payment Options:

All online transactions are processed through Google Checkout or PayPal, including major credit cards, unless you made previous arrangements to pay by check or cash, and our signup page is secured for your protection.

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