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WordPress Titles

Since I started using Mint, every time I looked on the Pages section, it would show abbreviated titles for the pages that were accessed. I soon realized that the problem was not so much Mint, but that my actual Title tags from WordPress all started with my website’s name and then the actual blog entry title. A more readable title would be one that started with the actual title of the blog entry instead of “WebKeyDesign >> My Post Title”. In order to change this you have to edit the Title tag code in your WordPress theme. You can find a good tutorial on modifying the WordPress Title tag on

Here is what I changed the Title tag to:

<title><?php wp_title(' '); ?><?php if(wp_title(' ', false)) { echo ' | '; } ?><?php bloginfo('name'); ?></title>

There is one slight problem though which Ardamis mentions, namely there are some spaces that get inputted into the Title tag. Ardamis does offer a workaround for this, but search engines will not care about the extra spaces, so you can do without the workaround if you like.

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Worst Spammers

The best feature of WordPress 2.0 is definitely the addition of Akismet. This comment spam blocking plugin has single-handedly made blogging fun again. Not having to deal with hundreds or thousands of junk spam comments gives you more time to write and post worthwhile content. If you are upgrading, Akismet comes with WordPress 2.0, but you can also check out Worst Offenders, which makes it easier to identify your worse spammers, by giving you a list of the top offenders and their IP addresses.

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WP-Shortstat Broken With WordPress 2.0.1

My new website was setup with WordPress 2.0, and so when the 2.0.1 release showed up, I went ahead and upgraded it. Thinking everything went okay, I forgot to check all the plugins, and it appears that WP-Shortstat 1.3 and WordPress 2, no longer work after installing the 2.0.1 update. No new hits are tracked anymore, but you can still view whatever stats you had prior to the upgrade.

The reason is that there is a conflict with the Google Sitemap plugin. HappyArts Blog though has modified WP-Shortstat to work around the problem, and it appears to be working for me now.

HappyArts Blog is a German blog, so you might want to have Google translate HappyArts Blog for you.

Update: HappyArts Blog has incorporated my CSS changes into his version of WP-Shortat. There is also a download page in English.

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