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Splogger Hits WebKeyDesign

Just recently I had written about Om Malik in Bloggers v/s Splogs and Scrappers and how he was upset at having his blog’s rss feeds used as content for another website, (without his permission of course). Although WebKeyDesign is not anywhere near as popular as Om Malik’s blog, I figure that sooner rather later I would also be splogged. I usually check for sites that link to WebKeyDesign once a week, just to see how my linking campaign for WKD is progressing and sure enough I spotted a real splog site with WKD’s content. Usually my own web stat programs pick up what I call a blog links site, this is what I call a site that just links a bunch of blogs based on a keyword, something similar to Technorati, but not as sophisticated or well intentioned either. But is not just displaying links to WKD, they are displaying the entire RSS feed. However, since my feeds do not contain my full content, but only a summary, not all of my content is being stolen, just summaries of it.

I am sure that there are some bloggers out there who believe in syndicating their full postings and having sites like this one really make those bloggers take pause. In my case I really would not mind the actual splogging much, but then I start thinking of the hosting costs involved with running WKD and at the same time the loss of third party revenue, and it does begin to bother me somewhat.

Over the weekend sent me a nice email informing me of this splog. If you are a blogger and are at all concerned about this issue, you can take a look at their site. I am not in any way affliated with

In the case of, they have already angered another group of webmasters and eventually they may be taken down in the near future.

I am still somewhat undecided about splogs, and just what they mean for the average blogger. I suppose I would like to have Google, Yahoo, and MSNSearch, remove them from their indexes but I have a feeling that the big search engines themselves are still coming to grips with the issue as we speak.

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WebKeyDesign Store

This week I added a new section to WebKeyDesign: The WebKeyDesign Store is an online shop for all those books that you need to read when you first start learning web site design. I figure that the store would help make WebKeyDesign more popular in general with our site visitors and search engines, and secondly it comes in handy for refering friends and clients to yet another source of self-help. Many times I get asked about how to learn HTML and other web technologies like PHP and MySQL, and usually I can recommend a book or two on the subject, but I always end up having to look up my recommendations on, so I figure why not just make an Amazon based web store? This week, I got around to putting something together that works.

The WebKeyDesign Store is powered by Associate-o-matic’s Amazon Shop script. This is a PHP based script. Most of the other Amazon scripts that I found were based on Perl, but I chose Associate-o-matic based on their Lite script which is commissioned based. Most scripts cost around $99, and their look leaves a lot to be desired. Although I did find BlueLightSoft’s AJAX based Store scipt interesting, I decided against it because it is still in testing stages.

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NBA TV Shedule Design

Basketball season is upon us and so I thought about redoing a web page I had done last year.’s NBA page was redone in Transitional XHTML, using a basic 3 DIV design. I originally started out with trying to do XHTML Strict 1.0, but I was not able to do the layout I wanted, and so I finally settled on Transitional. No tables are used for layout, in fact the only table you see is the only table! I will eventually get around to adding a Print Stylesheet for those who just want to print out the page, but for now I am going to let it be and see if I can catch some NBA action before the actual season starts on November 1st.

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